Feeling Lonely and disconnected from the world?

Social media allows us to connect and interact with others everywhere and anywhere. This might depend on how good your cell phone connection is or whether or not you have access to a Wi-Fi hot spot.

It is human nature to want to make connections with others so it would only be normal that in the digital age we would want to connect with others by making our media more social.

The digital space of the Internet allows us to search for information on anyone and anything, and retrieve it instantly (most of the time).

Whether you’re looking to read the news, find a job, find the love of your life, play a game, learn how to build or fix something, or find out what that itchy red thing is on your leg, social media allows you to do all of this and at the same time!

Social media encourages the free flow of your ideas and on the Internet no idea is too crazy. You will always find someone that agrees with you and someone who doesn’t. The best part is that if they completely disagree with you and post about it on your blog, you never have to see them. Unless you want to befriend them on Facebook and then never interact with them, which will most likely be the case.

If used as prescribed, social media can be the greatest networking tool. What you put out there is what you get back. The Internet connects you to real places with real people sitting on another screen and therefore the connections you make on the Internet are real.

Remember to use only as directed by a programmer, I mean Doctor.

Consider using Instafacetwitgramanol if you’re interested in:

  • Staying connected with your friends and family–near or far
  • Staying informed of what the organizations that matter to you are doing
  • Starting your own business and getting free advertisements when others like your product
  • Giving your congressman or any other politician a piece of your mind!  (Thanks, free speech)
  • Starting a movement
  • Honoring a loved one who passed
  • Networking
  • Marketing
  • Recruiting
  • Raving about something you love
  • Ranting about something you hate
  • Informing people that you will be without a phone for while because you dropped your phone in the toilet (Don’t tell them it fell while you were Tweeting)
  • Meeting new people
  • Looking up and reconnecting with old friends
  • Sharing your talents
  • Picking up some new ones
  • Share your work
  • Share the news
  • Read the news
  • Plan a party or event and invite others

To find out if Intsafacetwitgramanol is right for you or a loved one, take a look at this video and then consult your physician.

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